Suicide Tree Print

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Suicide Tree Print
Suicide Tree Print
Suicide Tree Print
Suicide Tree Print

Ingesting one of the kernels of the Suicide Tree or Pong-Pong (Cerbera Odollam) is enough to lead to death within 2 days. 

Symptoms include burning sensation in the mouth, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, headache, coma, and eventually death. 

All vintage botanical prints from Köhler's Medicinal Plants - Volume 1 (1887), Volume 2 (1890), Volume 3 (1898)

• 5x7 prints
• Printed on 100% Cotton Rag, 200gsm, 15mil
• Available on 8x10 Ivory or White Mat



All plants and descriptions provided by Deadly Nightshade Emporium are chosen with care. I understand that the common name of this plant might cause stress for some and I don't take that lightly. I also don't want to avoid the subject of suicide as it is still shrouded in stigma and needs to be talked about. If you or a loved one or someone you know is considering suicide, please reach out to a suicide hotline or local emergency number for help. 


In the U.S.: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

For Global Hotlines:



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